January – #SamsProject2015

Update – scroll to the end.

Hard to believe that the first month of 2015 has already gone by. Certainly seems like this is going to be a whirl wind year. Having such a busy start to the year hasn’t really allowed me much time to relax but I’ve certainly had some fun. Planning out the rest of the year certainly has me excited for my up coming travels!

So my concerns over the quality of the video continue. Although on my phone there appears that there aren’t many issues with the video recording or overall image quality there definitely seems to be problems once it is uploaded to YouTube. Not doubt you noticed the very strange image warping movements that appeared in a few of the 1 second videos. I can only assume it is due to the way the app Hyperlapse adjusts the 720p image to counter any camera shake. I’m not 100% on how to fix that although I have found the app requires clear daylight and for me to walk more carefully to provide the best results. This stops the strange blur from happening which I think is caused by the original footage going out of focus when I move and the app trying to counter the movement of the camera. I need to try editing and uploading from a PC to see if that makes any difference to the final video quality on YouTube. My other option is to stop the original theme of the video, Walking Forward, and start recording scenes with the camera still. Which I’d rather not do especially as a friend of mine said to me it is like “a walk in your life for a year”, and that just sounds awesome. Thanks Polly!

For those of you who may be wondering what Hyperlapse is and what it does watch the video below from The Verge.

To complete what I am trying to do I may need to investigate some other camera options, so if you see a weirdo wandering around with his phone in a stabilising rig…you’ll know it is me.

For some extra context here are the videos that have worked best so far.

This one is my current favourite due to the colours from the sun setting:

If you’ve got any thoughts let me know, open to all suggestions!

Update: So I had a mild brainwave to see what would happen if I uploaded the video to Vimeo. It appears that the strange warping effect is mostly gone when uploaded here so I think I’ll move my project from YouTube. Let me know if you think.

#SamsProject2015 – 365 Seconds

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/1a2/41140390/files/2015/01/img_1067.jpgAs some people may remember back in 2012 I created a project designed to force me to be more active by making my new years resolutions public, I appropriately called it #SamsProject2012. It worked really well and although I didn’t get to all of my resolutions it certainly proved successful. The central resolution was to take a photo every day and upload it to Instagram for my friends, family and followers to see. It was a lot of fun to do and I really enjoy looking back over the images from time to time.

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about what I would do for a follow up and as apparently I’m entering my 30th year (ahhhhh the future) I figured 2015 would be an appropriate year to do something…but what?

Since 2012 one idea has been in the back of my mind, to record one second of video footage each day and publish a video at the end of the year. I’ve seen a few great examples by a few people who have done this so to try and make mine a little different I’m going to give it a theme “Walking Forward”. But what does that mean I hear you ask? Well dear reader it means this, each video will be taken from my point of view as I walk somewhere with the plan being that each second of footage will roughly match up in the final video.

To create the videos I am going to use my iPhone 6, the apps Hyperlapse, iMovie and YouTube Capture and I will upload each individual video to my new YouTube channel. Now how I capture and upload the footage may change as I’m not 100% convinced by the final quality but this will do for the time being.

Here is the first video:

So I hope you’ll follow along and look forward to the final video at the end of the year. I hope this will prove to be a worth while experiment, it certainly will be a fun record of where I have been.

Welcome to #SamsProject2015.