10 Years Ago My Job Didn’t Exist


Today Facebook is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

In 2004, as dramatised by The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes launched TheFacebook.com and even they didn’t realise what they were about to accomplish. The following year Reddit and YouTube went live followed by Twitter in 2006 with the iPhone being unveiled to the world in 2007.

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Facebook Home

Have Facebook created the future of mobile phone software or just a good looking app?

Let me just start off by saying how great I think Facebook Home looks. Ever since the Facebook Camera app and more recently with the News Feed redesign Facebook have shown a great new mobile design ethic. Moving away from the clunky, out dated layout that has plagued the desktop version of Facebook (and for a long time the mobile app) towards a simple and elegant look is a strong move for the team. Home amplifies this on mobile and truly shows that they are now firmly a mobile first technology company… in theory. They of course do a lot more behind the scenes. I do think however that there are some issues that I will outline further down.

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1 Billion Friend Requests Later

On November 24th 2006 I signed up to Facebook, I remember my initial reaction quite vividly, “so when am I going to use this”. Apparently irony really does know no bounds as my current job relies heavily on Facebook’s existence and the innovation that the company has brought to our world.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on October 4th 2012 what many had suspected for a while, that Facebook had reached the 1 Billion active user mark. Which is such a mind blowing number I don’t think anyone can really compute in their head just what that means.

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