E3 2014 Hands On

During some down time I was able to get some hands on time with some titles around E3. Here are the trailers and some brief thoughts 🙂

Alien: Isolation

I haven’t jumped so badly in front of other people in a very long time. I was incredibly impressed with the atmosphere the game conveys, straight out of the original movie. Looking forward to playing more…but not in the dark or at night. No no.

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Living With Nike+ FuelBand


Almost two months ago a friend of mine gave me a Nike FuelBand as he hadn’t been particularly impressed with it. Given the opportunity to get a piece of tech I’d often thought about buying, for free, meant I jumped at the chance. At the time when I showed off the Nike FuelBand on various social networks I had a number of friends ask for my review, and so after spending some quality time with the device and attached services, here it is.

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