E3 2014 Hands On

During some down time I was able to get some hands on time with some titles around E3. Here are the trailers and some brief thoughts 🙂

Alien: Isolation

I haven’t jumped so badly in front of other people in a very long time. I was incredibly impressed with the atmosphere the game conveys, straight out of the original movie. Looking forward to playing more…but not in the dark or at night. No no.


Utterly charming game with a wicked sense of humor and great art direction. Had a lot of fun playing co-op, just remember to work together!


Loved the design of this game. Evoking 50s/60s design aesthetic and some fun gameplay elements. Felt like The Man From Uncle game that we all deserve! 😀

Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time

A crazy mash up of some arcade classics with a fun twist. Once I got my head around the controls I really enjoyed racking up the points. Brilliantly colourful art design as well.

TheatreRhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

The brief embarrassing moment when what I thought was me playing the game and totally ruling turned out to be the demo playing aside…ahem…I really enjoyed this! Had to channel my old Guitar Hero skills as this is much trickier to master than it fist seems.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Toad’s levels in Super Mario 3D World were some of my highlights so having a whole game dedicated to the slow moving adorable toadstool is fantastic. Playing through the dragon level was a delight and I can’t wait to see more.

I enjoyed all of these games very much and look forward to getting them when they come out. There were so many games at E3 this year, we’re really being spoiled as gamers.


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