My E3 2014

One week later and I think I’ve got over the jet lag now! E3 this year was pretty intense with a lot of work going on but the reaction we got shows it has definitely been worth it.

This year I was able to attend two of the press conferences and find some time to wander around the event. Here are some of the photos I took, enjoy!

Xbox Conference

At the Xbox press conference we were all given these wrist bands. They lit up in unison at various points! It was an impressive sight.

PlayStation Conference

The PlayStation conference had this huge screen and light show going on around us.

ATVI BoothsOur booths were very busy throughout E3. Hands on in the Destiny and Skylanders area and a demo in the Call of Duty theatre. Can’t wait for us to show even more đŸ˜€

Uber COD

We had these great Call of Duty trucks running as Uber cabs. Grabbed this shot before taking a ride.

Spacey Theatre

Like last year we had the huge theatre experience on the show floor for spectators to enjoy.

Destiny Theatre

It was fantastic to see the Traveller up on the big screen.


Even Kaos was getting in on the E3 action! Surprised he didn’t try and steal everyone’s swag.

Arkham Batmobile

The Arkham Knight Batmobile was incredibly impressive. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to try and drive it. WANT!


I thought Evolve had a very impressive showing this year. Loved seeing their monster up close and personal!

Far Cry 4

You can ride an Elephant and use a wing suit in Far Cry 4…explains the queue! Sad I didn’t get some hands on time.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks did this great bullet time photo opportunity for people…

Sunset Overdrive

…and this little guy from Sunset Overdrive yelled at you as you walked underneath!

amiibo Mario

Mario was looking ready for action over at Nintendo’s amiibo preview.


Super Smash Bros. really drew in the crowds this year. Look forward to trying the game myself!

Rival Corridoor

Console corridor!

FORZA Horizon

And like the Batmobile I was also not allowed to drive FORZA Horizon 2’s Lamborghini. Boo.

Xbox booth

It was great to see the smaller titles alongside the bigger ones. Ori looks great!

By the pool

No photo series is complete without the stereotypical British guy wearing his shoes by the pool shot…!

To sum up: E3 rocked.


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