10 Years Ago My Job Didn’t Exist


Today Facebook is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

In 2004, as dramatised by The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes launched TheFacebook.com and even they didn’t realise what they were about to accomplish. The following year Reddit and YouTube went live followed by Twitter in 2006 with the iPhone being unveiled to the world in 2007.

Since then we have seen a whole host of new platforms and technologies be developed, some that have become part of the day to day and others that have since gone the way of the Dodo. They have ushered in a new information based online economy where people, companies and governments are now on an equal playing field. Long may that continue to be the case.

Personally I’ve seen my life be radically changed thanks to these new pieces of technology. I would never have guessed back in 2004 that I would now be working in the games industry, helping a company develop content to entertain and inform the fans of their brands, working primarily with these new online social platforms. Thanks to Facebook especially I have discovered a strong interest in human behavior as it relates to information, content and technology, an area I previously had only little interest.

It is quite incredible to think how many new jobs have been created thanks to Facebook and the other platforms. The marketing and media world in particular has seen a surge in social media based roles. The most important development I think has been the convergence of PR, marketing, community management and customer service. Bringing these areas together to bring about a level of care for individual people that would have been impossible before.

Yesterday Apple released a short film to celebrate 30 years since the first Mac. Although it is of course an ad for their products it also shows just how much technology has become a part our everyday lives:

It is a beautiful piece and I highly recommend visiting their website which tells the complete story behind the iconic computer.

The next step now is to keep using these incredible new pieces of technology to help develop meaningful relationships with one another and keep improving the lives of those less fortunate. All the major tech developments, especially the internet, have the power to bring about positive change. I hope our governments will allow us to achieve this.

The revolution in social and mobile technologies over these past ten years has altered so much I almost struggle to remember what our lives were like before. For better or for worse we are now more connected than we have ever been before and technology is only going to keep developing to ensure that we remain so.

Bring on the next ten years. Sounds like Mark is ready.

Further reading: Follow this link to see a collection of stories from Facebook themselves looking back at how their platform has changed many lives.

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