Man of Steel 2 – Intro Idea


After watching the first Man of Steel, hearing the amazing news from SDCC and then listening fairly regularly to the MoS OST I have had an idea of a way to begin the sequel. Have a read and let me know what you think. How would you start the movie?


We begin our story in a huge meeting room. Sitting across from each other are two sets of business teams. One headed by Lex Luthor, the other by Bruce Wayne. Both men are deep in debate, the meeting has not gone well.

Suddenly the building shakes. As everyone moves towards the window they see the beginning of the Kryptonian battle that shakes Metropolis to its core.

Everyone flees the room as they attempt to get as far away from the city as possible. The two men who were at the focus of the business battle only a few short moments before head in two very different directions. Lex to the roof of LexCorp Towers where he watches the alien race rip holes in the city that he loves. Bruce charges towards the centre of the city to help evacuate as many people as he can.

The Dark Knight is plain clothed as he helps people get into vehicles to evacuate and pulls others out of wrecked buildings and cars. Seemingly un-phased Wayne runs into buckling buildings to direct people away from danger. One moment however hits the Batman hard. He sees one young boy crying in the middle of an empty street. As Bruce runs to his aid he sees what has the child so distraught. Lying underneath some rubble he sees the hands of the boys parents, clasped together as they were running hand in hand. Picking the boy up Bruce holds him in his arms, stunned by the mirroring of his own tragic event. Looking up Wayne sees Superman smash through a sky scraper.

The following scene we are in the the Batcave. Now in his Batsuit we see Wayne going through his vast computer database. Scattered around him are papers and information stretching years back. As Batman gets to the file he needs on his computer, we see that he has been researching Clark Kent for years. Keeping a watchful eye on him, waiting for the day he makes his presence known.


So there you go. What you think? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to read your thoughts on the future of the DC movie universe.

One thought on “Man of Steel 2 – Intro Idea

  1. That is a solid as well as an emotional start to the whole premise of the beginning of the relationship between the two heroes. It is a believable instigation of Batman’s belief that Superman is potentially the biggest threat to earth, either due to his inherent powers or due to the attracted enemies using earth as an arena and the event that resonates his own past and his essence trigger event of

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