E3 Countdown

In one week today I’ll be back in LA to attend an event I have long dreamed of going to, E3. If you don’t know E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the annual trade fair for the video games industry where all the major companies show off what they have in the pipe line for the coming year and beyond.

This year is an especially exciting one as Sony and Microsoft will be showing off their new consoles and the games that are coming with them (and probably some kind of multimedia function living room extravaganza). Nintendo, although they will be holding a more low key affair, are going to be showing some new titles to go with the Wii U and 3DS, which for this old school gamer I’m particularly excited to see.

I’m very fortunate to be working backstage on Destiny, the exciting new Bungie title, as well as helping out on Activision’s certain other projects. I hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve got to show this year. Feel free to share any thoughts with me via Twitter, although keep in mind I might not be able to talk about everything.

Video games companies often have some pretty cool ways of using digital tech in the real world space at these events so I’m going to keep an careful eye out for anything interesting and will write about what I find. Even if there isn’t anything I’ll be taking a lot of photos to share my experience which I hope you’ll enjoy. Not that there won’t be a huge amount of news and photos from across the industry! It’s going to be great to see what everyone else has in store for us. Personally I cannot wait to see the PS4 and Xbox One up close. I need to feed my gaming addiction!

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