20 Kids And A Scottish Play



Well that was different.

For those of you who read my sparingly updated blog and are unaware of the course I am currently on (about 50% of the two of you) a quick bit of background. This week I started on the great Squared course. It’s set up by the kind folks of Google in partnership with Impact and the IPA with the intention to give people who work in digital marketing incredibly valuable experience over 6 weeks in all kinds of areas. Check out this video for a quick idea of what I am doing:

Back to my curious blog title, I wanted to share this experience as it is so far removed from my everyday.

One of our tasks this week was in a small team come up with a compelling, 1 hour 30 minute fun and interactive workshop for a class of 20 kids aged 8-9 years old and introduce them to Macb…ahem…The Scottish Play. It’s safe to say this is outside of my normal comfort zone, which in the spirit of the course and what we are trying to achieve is a great thing. The point of the task was to gain some insights from the children about their knowledge around Shakespeare and what they thought about performing in plays on stage for our client Shakespeare Schools Festival.


When we arrived at the school and quickly got into our planned workshop my initial worry went away as, how so many adults do with children, I had completely underestimated how they would react. It was great fun and once we had their attention the kids seemed really interested in the games and sharing their knowledge of Shakespeare. I think that the kids did get a lot out of it as they were gradually introduced to different names and themes but in a way far removed from the normal classroom experience. It actually got me thinking about my time at primary school and the similar workshops that I can just about remember…*queue vacant look dream music ala Scrubs* some weird puppet show about recycling comes to mind…no idea.

As my family are pretty much 99% teachers I’ve always had respect for those who choose to take on that career. But this really did make me even more impressed by the people that can do this on a day to day basis. It had a great impact on me and showed me that I don’t need to be so worried about going into situations that are not my usual ones.

Special thanks to the rest of my group who were amazing in that task; Jen (who appears to have a hidden talent for teaching), Monica, Amy and Oliver.

Bring on the next task!

To my fellow Squares:

Squared Network

Ok so as you may have noticed I generally write about things that are first hand experiences and often recent events. I’ve written a few blogs in the past around various things but this is the first one I have found that I am able to keep going (he says noticing the last time he posted) and this is largely because it is there to facilitate my thoughts and feelings around topics close to me. More of a journal with an editorial twist.

Feel free to go back through the posts I have already written and let me know what you think. I have a few draft posts that I have been writing for a while so I’ll try and get these finished as part of the course. I find a lot of my thoughts are pushed out through Twitter but I reserve larger ones for this blog.

Check out Sam’s Project 2012 if you have a moment.

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