Interesting New Behaviour

social keyboard

It might just be me, but I have noticed lately that I keep making a similar mistake or rather, I keep expecting to be able to do something.

Over the last few months I have started typing friends names into the Chrome address bar when I have wanted to see an online profile of theirs or send them a message. This is something I know doesn’t work and as a techy person I am surprised that I keep making that mistake. It usually happens if I am slightly tired or “in the zone” surfing the web and doing work, I’ll think of someone and immediately start typing the first few letters of their name into the address bar. It is a select group of people (Paul Adams would call them my close ties) who I communicate with often and want to be able to share something with them as quickly as possible.

Am I doing something abnormal and just being weird (a distinct possibility) or is this something we can expect to be able to do in the future? I imagine that with Google+ and the Chrome OS this could well be a function that is added into the Chrome browser and also adds weight to a Facebook browser argument. What I would ideally like is to have Facebook, Twitter etc plugged into my browser and be able to pull up all the different ways to contact my friends and family. This also highlights just how much time I spend in the browser now compared to other applications on my laptop.

Of course this is only really a PC browser issue as I have not found myself doing this on any mobile browsers which is probably due to the silo type behaviour that occurs when using mobile apps. As in you are concentrating on one specific task rather than doing true multi-tasking.

So yeah there you are. Is it just me? Would you like to see this type of functionality?