My First Star Wars Memory

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“I have story treatments of 7, 8 and 9.” – George Lucas

I KNEW IT!!! My 10 year old, Star Wars obsessed self screamed on hearing Lucas say that quote in this video, released to coincide with the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm. Being so young I of course absolutely believed the rumours that somewhere in the world was a set of scripts for episodes 7, 8 and 9, and there was no way they were anything but amazing stories.

Star Wars played a big part of my childhood…teenage years…early adulthood… oh ok so Star Wars is big part of me as it is with many others around the world. I have however, always found it amusing that my first experience of Star Wars wasn’t exactly the norm. I didn’t sit down with family, or friends, and watch the films, oh no that came later. My first experience went like this:

I must have been around 5/6 years old and my parents were out in the garden doing pruning and planting. I was supposed to be outside with them but I was feeling mischievous and didn’t particularly want to go outside with Mum and Dad that day. So sitting in the living room, randomly on top of the table that I used to eat my dinner on (I have no idea why), I switched on the TV.

Now then boys and girls these were the days when you could only get four channels. Yes that is right, you didn’t misread and that isn’t a typo, four channels. BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV and Channel 4. I can’t remember which channel it was that I flicked to (I’m assuming ITV) but greeting me, right there, was an epic world of white snow. Strange men riding around on snow dinosaurs, a weird looking meteorite bug thing, a scary monster (the Wampa petrified me), one particularly hairy bear on top of some big truck, shiny funny robots, weird gadgets and a pretty lady. It was amazing. I was hooked. I clearly was not supposed to be watching this.

With one eye on the window to the garden, I wondered how long I could keep ignoring my parents and watch more of this amazing TV show.

I remember feeling tense watching the upside down guy as he was reaching for his metal stick. The scary moster was getting closer and I wanted the man to run away and be ok. Then he somehow made the metal stick fly into his hand, flip down to the floor and with his laser thingy cut the monsters arm off! AAHHH! I hit the green off button on the remote of our little TV and ran outside. Of course I only wanted to be out there with my parents and it wasn’t at all that I felt I had been naughty and seen something I shouldn’t have seen.

And that was that! My first memory of Star Wars. I like the fact that it was such a funny experience and I had no idea for at least a year until I did sit down with my parents and watch all the movies properly that that was what I had seen.

So now the count down begins. Episode 7 is being planned for 2015 and I for one cannot wait to see the new trilogy. I want to see where the movies go in the extended universe and I’m looking forward to see what this new generation of film makers can do with the franchise.

If I was working in the industry I know full well I’d be doing everything I could to get on that set as I am sure many individuals in the movie biz are currently scrambling to do so. For the haters I shall leave you with this, Disney brought us the Avengers.

May the force be with you, always.

P.s. Han shot first.

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