1 Billion Friend Requests Later

On November 24th 2006 I signed up to Facebook, I remember my initial reaction quite vividly, “so when am I going to use this”. Apparently irony really does know no bounds as my current job relies heavily on Facebook’s existence and the innovation that the company has brought to our world.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on October 4th 2012 what many had suspected for a while, that Facebook had reached the 1 Billion active user mark. Which is such a mind blowing number I don’t think anyone can really compute in their head just what that means.

Facebook, or The Facebook as it was at the time, launched on February 4th 2004. It is hard to believe just how much the world has changed, from technology to politics, within those 8 years. Which by the by have flown past way too quickly for my liking! Because of this momentous occasion I thought that I’d take a trip down memory lane and pull out some of the news stories that have happened from Facebook’s day 1 to the 1 Billion mark. I thought it would nicely highlight just how much has gone on in it’s relatively short existance. Click on the years for the Wikipedia pages of all the major news from those years and watch the JibJab year in review videos for a lighter take on it all.


Global population: 6.38 Billion

  • Feb 4th: Facebook Launches
  • Mar 2nd: NASA’s Opportunity rover confirms there was water on Mars
  • May 1st: The EU’s biggest expansion takes place with 10 new countries joining
  • Jun 16th: 9/11 Commission issues it’s initial report of its findings
  • Jun 21st: SpaceShipOne becomes first private spacecraft to take flight
  • Aug 13th: the Summer Olympics in Athens begin
  • Sep 22: The first episode of Lost airs
  • Nov 21st: The Nintendo DS is released
  • Nov 23rd: World of Warcraft is released
  • Dec 8th: Lenovo announces plans to purchase IBM’s PC business
  • Dec 14th: The world’s tallest bridge opens in France
  • Dec 26th: The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hits killing 227,898
  • Dec 31st: Taipei 101, the (then) world’s tallest skyscraper opens; 1,670 feet


Global Population: 6.45 Billion

  • Jan 14th: The Hygens probe lands on Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan
  • Jan 20th: George W. Bush is inaugurated for his second term as the 43rd President of the United States
  • Feb 8th: Google Maps launched
  • Feb 14th: YouTube is founded
  • Feb 16th: The Kyoto Protocol is brought into being (without the US or Australia)
  • Mar 3rd: Steve Fossett completes fastest, non stop, non-refueled solo flight around the globe in Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer
  • Apr 27th: The Airbus A380 makes its first flight
  • May 5th: Tony Blair/Labour wins third successive general election
  • May 15th: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is released
  • Jun: Reddit launched
  • Jun 10th: Batman Begins is released
  • Jul 8th: Live 8 concerts around the world take place
  •  Aug 13th: The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is launched
  • Aug 17th: Google buys Android
  • Aug 29th: Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast of the USA. 1,836 die
  • Oct 1st: The Bali bombings happen killing 26 and injuring 100
  • Oct 19th: The trial of Saddam Hussein begins
  • Nov 13th: A British man is the first reported to be cured of HIV
  • Nov 22nd: The Xbox 360 goes on sale
  • Nov 30th: Worlds first face transplant takes place


Global Population: 6.53 Billion

  • Feb 10th: The Winter Olympics begin in Turin
  • Mar 10th: The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter enters Mars orbit
  • Apr 5th: First case of ‘Bird Flu’ is discovered in the UK
  • May 27th: 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Jave, Indonesia killing more than 6,000
  • Jul 15th: Twitter is launched
  • Oct 10th: Google buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion
  • Nov 5th: Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death
  • Nov 11th: The Playstation 3 is released
  • Nov 19th: Nintendo Wii is released
  • Dec 13th: The Chinese River Dolphin becomes extinct


Global Population: 6.60 Billion

  • Jan 1st: Bulgaria and Romania join EU
  • Jan 9th: The first iPhone is announced
  • Jan 16th: Netflix announces instant streaming service
  • Feb 27th: World stock markets plummet after less than expected growth reports from China and Europe
  • Apr 23rd: Boris Yeltsin dies
  • Apr 24th: Gliese 581 c, a potentially Earth like planet is discovered
  • Apr 27th: Tumblr launched
  • Jun 1st: 2,100 year old melon is discovered
  • Jul 7th: Live Earth concerts take place across the globe
  • Aug 9th: BNP Paribas withdraws from three hedge funds in the UK. This signals the beginning of the global financial crisis
  • Nov 5th: The Writers Guild of America goes on strike
  • Nov 19th: The first Amazon Kindle is launched
  • Dec 25th: BBC iPlayer is launched


Global Population: 6.71 Billion

  • Jan 2nd: Price of petroleum hits $100 per barrel for the first time
  • Jan 21st: Stock markets plunge amid the fear that the US is falling into a recession
  • Feb 5th: Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 370 points
  • Feb 7th: Space Shuttle Atlantis launches on a mission to deliver the European built Columbus laboratory to the ISS
  • Feb 22nd: Northern Rock becomes first bank in Europe to be taken into state control
  • Apr 28th: India sends 10 satellites into orbit, a new world record
  • May 2nd: Iron Man is released
  • May 3rd: Cyclone Nargis, the deadliest natural disaster since the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 hits Burma, 133,000 killed
  • Jun 13th: The Incredible Hulk is released
  • Jun 27th: Bill Gates steps down as Chairman of Microsoft
  • Jul 14th: The Dark Knight is released
  • Aug 8th: Beijing Summer Olympics Begin
  • Sep 10th: First protons fired around the Large Hadron Collider
  • Sep 28th: Private space vehicle SpaceX Falcon 1 becomes first to successfully make orbit
  • Oct 22nd: The first Android handset, the HTC Dream, is released
  • Nov 4th: Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States
  • Nov 27th: The QE2, the longest serving ocean liner in history is retired
  • Dec 11th: Bernard Madoff is arrested for the largest financial fraud in US history


Global Population: 6.79 Billion

  • Jan 26th: Icelandic government and banking system collapses
  • Mar 7th: NASA’s Kepler Mission is launched from Cape Canaveral
  • May 8th: Star Trek is released
  • Mar 11th: Foursquare launched
  • May 27th: Google Wave launched
  • Apr 3rd: 21st NATO summit is held
  • Jun 1st: Air France Flight 447 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean
  • Jun 11th: H1N1 or “swine flu” is declared a global pandemic
  • Jun 25th: Michael Jackson dies
  • Jul 22nd: Lasting 6 minutes and 38.8 seconds, the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century happens over parts of Asia and the Pacific Ocean
  • Aug 4th: Google announces it is suspending development of Google Wave
  • Oct 1st: The oldest known human remains are discovered, Ardipithecus ramidus
  • No 10th: Sesame Street celebrates its 40th Anniversary
  • Dec 11th: The first Angry Birds game is released
  • Dec 16th: The exoplanet GJ1214b is discovered on which astronomers believe water could be


Global Population: 6.89 Billion

  • Jan 4th: The Burj Khalifa in Dubai opens. It is the tallest building on Earth
  • Jan 5th: The Google Nexus One, Android based mobile phone, is released
  • Jan 12th: An earthquake measuring 7.0 magitude hits Haiti killing over 230,000
  • Feb 9th: Google Buzz launched
  • Feb 12th: 2010 Winter Olympics begin in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada
  • Mar: Pinterest launches
  • Apr 3rd: The first iPad is released
  • Apr 26th: Iron Man 2 released
  • May 12th: Steam released for OS X
  • May 23rd: The final episode of Lost airs
  • May 24th: The final episode of 24 airs
  • Jun 17th: OnLive launches
  • Sep 24th: The Social Network is released
  • Oct 6th: Instagram launches
  • Oct 22nd: ISS becomes the longest continuous human occupation of space
  • Nov 21st: Eurozone agrees on a financial rescue package for the Republic of Ireland
  • Nov 28th: WikiLeaks releases over 250,000 American diplomatic cables
  • Dec 18: The Arab Spring begins


Global Population: 7 Billion

  • Feb 26th: The Nintendo 3DS is released
  • Mar 11th: A 9.1 magnitude earthquake and then tsunami hits the east coast of Japan killing 15,840 and leaving 3,926 missing
  • Apr 21st: Thor is released
  • Apr 29th: An estimated 2 billion people watch Prince William and Catherine Middleton get married
  • May 1st: Osama Bin Laden is killed by American Special Forces
  • Jun 28th: Google+ launches
  • Jul 7th: The worlds first artificial organ transplant takes place
  • Jul 19th: Captain America: The First Avenger is released
  • Jul 21st: NASA’s space shuttle program is completed when the Space Shuttle Atlantis lands safely at the Kennedy Space Center
  • Aug 31st: DC relaunches their entire comic book universe, dubbed ‘The New 52’
  • Sep 17th: The Occupy Wall Street protests begin
  • Oct 2nd: The first episode of Homeland airs
  • Oct 5th: Steve Jobs passes away
  • Nov 26th: Curiosity, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory is launched
  • Dec 15th: Google Buzz discontinued
  • Dec 15th: The United States declares an end to the Iraq war


Global Population: 7.07 Billion

  • Jan 23rd: The EU adopts an embargo on Iran for the countries continued efforts with uranium
  • Feb 6th: The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Apr 11th: The Avengers (Avengers Assemble) is released
  • Apr 12th: Facebook acquires Instagram
  • Jun 6th: World IPv6 launch day
  • Jun 24th: The last Pinta Island Tortoise, Lonsome George, dies at the Galapagos National Park. This makes the subspecies extinct
  • Jul 4th: A new particle is discovered, with properties resembling that of the Higgs boson, at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Jul 16th: The Dark Knight Rises is released
  • Jul 27th: The London 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Aug 6th: Curiosity successfully lands on Mars
  • Aug 31st: The first bionic eye implantation takes place
  • Sep 30th: The 24th season of The Simpsons begins
  • Oct 4th: Facebook announces 1 Billion active users

And there you have it, pretty amazing how much has happened in the relatively short time that Facebook has existed.

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