Falling With Style – Congratulations Felix Baumgartner [Updated]

Red Bull Stratos Falling With Style

That was AMAZING!! How often are we going to get watch something like that?! From the point the balloon and pod started ascending to the moment when Felix was stepping through the doorway my heart was in my mouth, but I couldn’t look away. Red Bull Stratos was must watch TV…on my laptop!

Huge congratulations have to go out to Felix Baumgartner, everyone at Red Bull, Joe Kittinger, Luke Aikins, Marle Hewett, Art Thompson, Mike Todd, Jonathan Clark and Andy Walshe. This was a culmination of a huge team effort and a single dream that brought together so many people across the world. Most were probably watching like my Mum through their fingers.


This seemed like a real watershed moment for live broadcasting on the internet. Last I saw 6.5 million had simultaneously tuned into the YouTube live stream. I don’t know for certain but I’m pretty sure that is a new record. Update: Found out it was 8 million people and yep that is a new record.

Although it wasn’t completely smooth sailing on YouTube with many moments where I felt like this:

But even though I knew that some TV stations were carrying the live video, it just felt right to keep watching it online.

The fact that this was a live global audience suggests to me that we may well be seeing many more live broadcasts on this scale (perhaps not with people sky diving from 128,000 feet). Perhaps some studios may begin to use YouTube as a way to target a global audience rather than only allowing certain countries to watch videos (well I can dream can’t I?).

I hope that many people in the audience who may have been new to watching a broadcast quality show online will now explore the channels available on YouTube (Geek and SundryNerdist, and The Verge are my favs).

Don’t be surprised as well if we start seeing even more brands look to boosting their own YouTube presence. For a long time companies have started up YouTube channels but not really taken full advantage. I would imagine this will change now.

Most of all I hope this has inspired the kids who watched the jump to go out and experiment with science, to make their own online video/blogs/etc, to be courageous, to not loose sight of their dreams and to work together with other kids to make stuff happen. It really was an incredibly inspirational moment.

2012 certainly has been a crazy ride!

This awesome gif was submitted to reddit by aertime.

Highlights video:

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