My First Star Wars Memory

gif source: guide me threw

“I have story treatments of 7, 8 and 9.” – George Lucas

I KNEW IT!!! My 10 year old, Star Wars obsessed self screamed on hearing Lucas say that quote in this video, released to coincide with the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm. Being so young I of course absolutely believed the rumours that somewhere in the world was a set of scripts for episodes 7, 8 and 9, and there was no way they were anything but amazing stories.

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1 Billion Friend Requests Later

On November 24th 2006 I signed up to Facebook, I remember my initial reaction quite vividly, “so when am I going to use this”. Apparently irony really does know no bounds as my current job relies heavily on Facebook’s existence and the innovation that the company has brought to our world.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on October 4th 2012 what many had suspected for a while, that Facebook had reached the 1 Billion active user mark. Which is such a mind blowing number I don’t think anyone can really compute in their head just what that means.

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Falling With Style – Congratulations Felix Baumgartner [Updated]

Red Bull Stratos Falling With Style

That was AMAZING!! How often are we going to get watch something like that?! From the point the balloon and pod started ascending to the moment when Felix was stepping through the doorway my heart was in my mouth, but I couldn’t look away. Red Bull Stratos was must watch TV…on my laptop!

Huge congratulations have to go out to Felix Baumgartner, everyone at Red Bull, Joe Kittinger, Luke Aikins, Marle Hewett, Art Thompson, Mike Todd, Jonathan Clark and Andy Walshe. This was a culmination of a huge team effort and a single dream that brought together so many people across the world. Most were probably watching like my Mum through their fingers.

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Remembering Steve

A year ago today I heard the news that Steve Jobs had passed away. He was, like for many others, one of my biggest heroes and I’m not afraid to say that I shed a tear on the morning of 5th October 2011 (typing this now weirdly makes me feel emotional).

I’ve never been affected in this way about any other person who is in the public eye that has died. I remembering being shocked at not only the fact that Steve had lost his battle to cancer but also the impact that it had on me emotionally.

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